Butterfly Tenergy 80


spinn- 73
svammi jäikus- 36 kraadi

Täna turul olevatest kummidest suure kiiruse juures enim spinni võimaldav kumm.

Butterfly soovitab Tenergy kummidele spetsiaalset liimi Free Chack II

TENERGY 80 has the perfect balance of spin and speed on the highest level. TENERGY 80 makes it possible to play a top spin game, attack and counterattack. The pimples between the topsheet and the sponge is less than TENERGY 05 but more than TENERGY 64, which means in terms of speed the rubber is between 05 and 64. For those of you who can not decide which one works best for you by 05 and 64, 80 may be the perfect rubber.